Project Design, Planning and Development


Environmental education is one of Taxus’ driving forces. We do our bit in the great challenge that sustainable development implies by transmitting environmental values. We truly believe that another way of doing things is possible and that is why we offer a wide variety of services in this line.

Design and planning of environmental education projects requires methodical and systematic steps to ensure success at all stages in search of a clear objective: sensitization and awareness as a path to sustainability.

Some of our services are:

  • Design, planning and development of environmental education programs.
  • Implementation of environmental communication campaigns.
  • Eco-audit projects in schools.
  • Project design based on innovative methodology such as Growth Methodology to create inspiring experiences that not only raise awareness but also bring changes in people.
  • Other environmental activities designed according to our clients’ needs: environmental events, eco-audits,  workshops, educational games, crafts, storytelling or conferences.

Some of our clients