TAXUS offers solutions to undertake numerous projects related to studies of physical limnology, hydrochemistry and all biological and physicochemical indicators stablished in Water Framework Directive (2000/60/EC).

The study, monitoring and proper environmental management of reservoirs is another of our main lines of work.

Our services:

  • Operation of biological monitoring networks in application of the Water Framework Directive.
  • Evaluation of the ecological status and potential.
  • Development of programs of measures to preserve or achieve good ecological status.
  • Sampling of biological indicators (benthic macroinvertebrates, diatoms, phytoplankton, macrophytes and fish by electrofishing).
  • River management plans.
  • Assessment of environmental effects of works (WWTPs, canals and transfers, hydroelectric power plants) and discharges.
  • Establishment of bioindicators (meiobentos and aquatic vegetation).
  • Limnological studies in reservoirs and establishment of guidelines for their management.
  • Water quality and eutrophication studies.
  • Sediments studies and analysis.
  • High-resolution bathymetric studies (single-beam and multi-beam).
  • Control of total and partial emptying, dredging or bottom dewatering in reservoirs. Establishment of preventive and corrective measures.
  • Analysis of environmental risks arising from the existence and operation of reservoirs.
  • Ecological flow studies.

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