Industrial Environmental Performance


Industrial facilities have to face an increasingly demanding operational control to comply with the environmental requirements of the different administrations that regulate their activity.

Our work methodology allows us to accompany our clients from the moment of installation, during operation and until the decommissioning phase, obtaining all the necessary licenses and authorisations as well as supervising their activities during operation to comply with the Environmental Monitoring Plan.

Some of our notable services are:

  • Environmental Impact Studies and Integrated Environmental Authorization.
  • Application for Potentially Atmosphere Polluting Activities drafting or modifying.
  • Characterization, authorization and measurements of emission sources.
  • Design and monitoring of environmental monitoring plans.
  • Environmental noise measurements and modelling.
  • Pollutant dispersion simulations.
  • Authorizations for discharge into the public water and maritime public domain.
  • Sampling and analysis of industrial discharges and their receiving environment.
  • Diagnosis of legal compliance.
  • Updating of applicable legislation.
  • Procedures and authorizations.
  • Environmental outsourcing.

Some of our clients