More than 20 years at the service of the ENVIRONMENT

TAXUS MEDIO AMBIENTE ®, was established in 2003 with the aim of satisfying the demand for environmental consulting services from those companies, entities and individuals concerned with advancing towards sustainable development.

Rigor, independence and continuous improvement have led us to become a benchmark in our field thanks to the quality and innovation of our work, exceeding the expectations of our clients, and reinforcing their confidence day by day.



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We work to provide innovative and high-quality solutions tailored to our clients in terms of consulting and environmental management, thus contributing to facilitating the path towards sustainable development.

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We aspire to be a benchmark of quality and innovation for our services, exceeding the expectations of our clients and achieving excellence in our management, contributing to professional and personal development of our staff.

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  • Rigor and independence.
  • Respect for the environment.
  • Teamwork.
  • Motivation and eagerness.
  • Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility.


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Icono clientes +375 CLIENTS IN 19 YEARS
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Icono alta cualificación 76% HIGH QUALIFICATION
Icono proyectos realizados 1.700 PROJECTS SUCCESFULLY COMPLETED
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Icono facturación 6,35M€ ANNUAL TURNOVER IN 2021
Icono mujeres en plantilla 53% FEMALE EMPLOYEES
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At TAXUS MEDIO AMBIENTE ® we promote innovation, excellence and continuous improvement in all areas. To that end, we have a Management System in accordance with the quality requirements established in the ISO 9001 standard and the environmental requirements of the ISO 14001 standard and the EMAS Regulation.

We own a Test Laboratory in the Environmental Sector accredited by ENAC according to UNE-ISO/IEC 17025:2005 with accreditation number 1280/LE2425.

We are committed to good governance, transparency, professional ethics, human and labour rights, gender equality and no discrimination. This is why we make this channel available to all our stakeholders. It is an anonymous channel to report irregular behaviours which could be against our ethical principles and values.


We align our projects and strategies with the UN Global Compact and support the implementation of its principles.

We integrate the SDGs in our Sustainability Strategic Plan, based on environmental, social and governance criteria (ESG) in the development of our projects as well as in our Corporate Social Responsibility actions to contribute to the 2030 Agenda.

We are committed to the Green Deal and Carbon Neutrality by 2050, by calculating our carbon footprint and reducing and compensating the greenhouse effect emissions that occur during our activity.


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Our commitment to Research and Development


Research, development and innovation are an essential part of our nature. Since its inception, TAXUS has been committed to offering its clients innovative solutions, and has developed Research and Development projects since 2009.

Notable projects in recent years:

Research Projects with a Technological Innovation Certificate:

Certificado 1
Diseño de nueva metodología para el cálculo del índice de potencial ecológico en entornos acuícolas SEE CERTIFICATE
Certificado 2
Regifaunam – Desarrollo de nueva aplicación para registro de datos de fauna en Estudios de Evaluación Ambiental (Memoria Versión 3) SEE CERTIFICATE
Certificado 3
Investigación del comportamiento del ecosistema en la instalación de desagües de fondo en embalses SEE CERTIFICATE

Research and Development Projects


Proyecto 1
Investigación industrial para la validación del uso de nuevas técnicas moleculares como sensores del estado ecológico de ecosistemas fluviales. READ MORE
Proyecto 2
Metodología “data fussion” para la monitorización remota de la calidad de agua en embalses (DAMTAQ) READ MORE
Proyecto 3
Investigación industrial para la validación del uso de técnicas basadas en el ADN ambiental para la detección de especies invasoras acuáticas (invADN) READ MORE
Proyecto 4
El espacio de trabajo verde y sostenible de TAXUS READ MORE

International expansion

The significant growth that TAXUS has experienced in recent years within the national market has led us to develop an Internationalization Plan with the aim of boosting our overseas expansion by identifying and developing business and commercial opportunities in several of our strategic areas: renewable energy, consulting and climate change. Global strategic alliances, those whose scope of action goes beyond the borders of a country, allow to accelerate the international expansion of a company. To date, TAXUS has developed projects in Denmark, France, Morocco, Western Sahara, Armenia, Pakistan, Kenya and Zambia, and continues its expansion process in countries such as Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Portugal, Croatia, South Africa, USA or Romania.

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People are our greatest and best asset.

The multidisciplinarity, youth and high qualification of our team stand out.

But our success lies in the involvement, motivation, cohesion and responsibility of our team. Dedicating ourselves to what we are passionate about and believing in our values ensures continuous improvement in performance.

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